Laura Jane Scott

Laura Jane Scott’s desire for formal simplicity through geometric form and striking use of colour has enabled her to produce a body of work where painting explores a model of architectural form and where the colour literally embodies a physical structure. The resulting work is a hybrid of painting and sculpture; a refined visual vocabulary of form and colour.

Laura’s studio is full of rulers, piles of graph paper, scalpels, pens and painted paper. Working in series, she explores the idea of ‘possibilities from limitations’. By taking one geometric shape as the starting point and drawing on principles from minimalist architecture, hard edge abstraction and conceptual art, she takes a basic form and draws out all the possible arrangements that can be made by laying one shape on top of another. What would seem an austere procedural way of making art is precisely what makes it interesting. With her systematic rigour, Laura has successfully dissected the fundamental elements of painting by not only looking at the surface of the painting, but seeing it as a way of creating a visual index that documents the interactions of form, colour and the space they inhabit. The sleek, even, coloured surfaces are painted delicately so that they are free of gestural brush strokes and fields of saturated clean-edged colour appear to float on the surface of the wall.