Lyndsey Keeling

Lyndsey Keeling works with illusion of surface, exposing surfaces and tools that work together in an unexpected marriage.  

Having found some very fine mesh over a decade ago (used as fly screen in DIY stores), its potential as a dynamic medium became evident. She experimented with line and shadow by stretching and straining the material, until its hybrid sculptural/ drawing possibilities became evident. Through trial and error, the use of a kitchen wooden spoon became the tool of choice.  She sands down the edges of the spoons and uses all the parts for shaping the metal gently.

Lyndsey studied Fine Art at Central St Martins. The muscular body of the dancer or gymnast provides her with ideal subject matter to explore the potential of this simple, but challenging material. Recently, she has also been experimenting with new materials, surfaces and subject matter, but she continues to create a few of these metal mesh sculptures as part of her ongoing and multi-disciplinary practice and exploration into three dimensional drawing.