“I’ve been working with artists since 2008 and enjoy helping others to understand, appreciate and buy art for their own homes and collections.  During my career I’ve built up my own sizeable art collection and I’d like to use my knowledge and connections to help others to acquire too.  If you see an art work that you like in my online curated collection, please enquire and I will help you to find something similar, or just tell you what I know.

A lot of artists are fascinating people, and I like trying to work out what makes them tick, marvelling at the endurance and belief they need to stick with it when times are hard.  I like searching for gems in the great ocean of the art world… and this website shows you some of my findings.  I will endeavour to document my discoveries and share them with you.  Sign up to my mailing list if you’d like to know when I have something new to say. 

I’ve been a gallery owner, an art dealer, an artists’ representative, a curator, an advisor and an art consultant. I have written, given talks about and judged art.  I have hosted exhibitions, curated stands at art fairs and sold art into many collections around the world.  During that time I think I’ve worked out what strikes my chords (though I remain open-minded) and I continue to sift through the vast offerings to discover and share real gems with you.  Please contact me if you think I might be able to help you.