Kostas Synodis

Through subtle alterations of surroundings, Kostas’s man made objects are made to seem dysfunctional, and at times disconcerting. These materialised flights of imagination are complex fabrications that have the contrasting appearance of being casual, playful acts. By challenging the authenticity of our visual perception, Kostas’ works have a conspicuous presence, and the qualities of both a practical joke and a more serious reflection on our material awareness.

“Across Synodis’s intriguing practice, materials aren’t what they appear to be. Here, a form seems to bend with the suppleness of rubber or foam but is in fact made from hard resin. The taut rope enhances the Greek, London-based sculptor’s trickery— without it, the piece would lose its compelling sense of tension. Like small, compact responses to Richard Serra’s giant minimalist sculptures, Synodis’s works upend the expectations of materials that we think we know the limitations of.”Artsy, 16 May 2016, Abigail Cain and Alexxa Gotthardt

Born 1984 in Thessaloniki, Greece, Kostas currently lives and works in London.  He graduated in 2013, University of Westminster: First Class BA Hons Mixed Media Fine Arts and has since exhibited at Art 16, Drawing Room, Tannery Art, Ambika P3 in London.