Paul Knight

A hint of an otherworldly strangeness and charm draws the viewer back to linger longer over Paul Knight’s photographic-based art works. Working in series, his still life photographs beckon us to closely examine the exquisite minutiae, letting our minds wander to imagined untold stories, nodding at history and the sadness of fading beauty.

Paul’s fine art practice utilises his lifetime of perfected photographic skills as his chosen visual language, preferring to achieve the majority of each shot ‘in camera’ rather than relying on post-production manipulation. He cleverly prompts the viewer, however, to wonder at the purity of the photographic emulsion and we find ourselves considering whether artists’ materials such as charcoal, graphite and ink have found their way into the layers of each creation – forcing us to question at what, indeed, we are looking.

Paul has worked in a wide range of areas of the commercial photographic industry from advertising and the media through to latterly working with Christie’s. He has shot images for over 200 book titles around the world and many CD album covers. A collection of his photographs were used in a BBC music film called The Imagined Sound of Sun on Stone and he was commissioned to produce over 60 photographs for the Millennium Dome’s Portrait of Britain exhibition. He also features regularly amongst the finalists of the Landscape Photographer of the Year Awards. He now chooses to dedicate as much time as possible to his fine art practice and his works are only available in signed, limited editions.