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Perfectly Small

Jun 13th – Jul 14th 2018
The Foundry Gallery 39 Old Church Street, London, SW3 5BS

Curated by Joanna Bryant in collaboration with Julian Page

This gallery exhibition includes perfectly small works of art from many of our diverse and multi-disciplinary artists. This show ring fences that diversity by restricting each artist to works that are smaller than 40 x 40 cm.

Includes: Sophie Arup, Lee Borthwick, Sir Peter Blake, Matilde Damele, Sara Dudman RWA, Ann-Helen English, Alan Franklin, Nikolai Ishchuk, Deborah Lanyon, Silvia Lerin, Lyndsey Keeling, Paul Knight, François Pont, Robinson & McMahon, Ian Robinson, Laura Jane Scott, Chris Sims, Barry Stedman, Kostas Synodis, Joella Wheatley



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Inner Construct

Feb 5th – 10th 2018
The Foundry Gallery 39 Old Church Street, London, SW3 5BS

Curated by Joanna Bryant in collaboration with Julian Page

The notion of the inner construct immediately conjures references to frameworks, pathways and codes resulting from our external experiences. The writings of JG Ballard extend this beyond our experiences to consider the effects that our physical surroundings have on the psyche, projecting external reality onto the imaginative narrative.

“Does the angle between two walls have a happy ending?” JG Ballard

The curation of our dialogue takes this premise and selects work from four female artists, showing the fusion of both their inner and outer spaces. The built environment, nature and the cosmos are represented to form shared realities, based on the commonality of our inner states. Often, liminal spaces will act as metaphors for the parts of ourselves that we ignore, or of which we are unaware, and where the artists’ imaginations seek to remake their worlds.

Including work by Silvia Lerin, Matilde Damele and Joella Wheatley.


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Jun 26th – Jul 2nd 2017
The Foundry Gallery 39 Old Church Street, London, SW3 5BS

Joanna Bryant Projects presents a solo show by François Pont whose engravings/paintings open up spaces, interrupted by gestural accents and lines that rise, descend, dig and move away, capturing the vibrations of urban wastelands and gardens – landmarks in a vast world.




Chris Sims

Sept 21st – 25th 2016
20 Clerkenwell Green, London, EC1

Curated by Joanna Bryant, this solo show presents new work by the contemporary English abstract painter, Chris Sims. Chris Sims has a growing collector’s market in the UK and his paintings are often considered to be reminiscent of the St Ives painter Peter Lanyon.



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Alan Franklin: See Saw

Sept 14th – 18th 2016
20 Clerkenwell Green, London, EC1

A solo show of recent drawings and sculpture by the artist Alan Franklin, in a new exhibition, SEE SAW. Curated by Joanna Bryant, this is a playful and inventive exploration of materials and processes, seeking the unfamiliar in the familiar.



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June 28th – July 10th 2016
20 Clerkenwell Green, London, EC1

The concept of the ’emerging artist’, explored beyond the initial act of emerging.

Katja Larsson, Jay Price, Josie Cockram, Nikolai Ishchuk, Cally Shadbolt, Joella Wheatley, Kostas Synodis, David Watkins, Alix Marie, Silvia Lerin

Endurance, passion and dedication are key character traits for the pursuit of an artistic career, and in the season of summer degree shows and emerging artists, we present a two-part group show of noteworthy artists who have ’emerged’, have continued a rigorous line of enquiry and are managing to establish their practices in and around London despite the challenging economic conditions.

Curated by Joanna Bryant



Visible Traces

April 12th – 17th 2016
20 Clerkenwell Green, London, EC1

Visible Traces offers an alternative showing of works by Ian Stephenson (1934-2000) in the context of a select group show, including paintings by Robinson & McMahon and glass sculpture by Jayne Wilton. “Countless happenings in time present as one simultaneous expression. Emptiness filled with matter. Solids filled with space.” The Independent, 2000

Curated by Joanna Bryant


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We have moved


From 2013 to 2016, I based myself in this lovely gallery space, but times have moved on and we are travelling far and wide.  From April 2016, I will be showing at art fairs and online and I will work with my artists to include them in shows and projects across London.  New work from my artists will be added to this website for viewing online, and we can arrange for you to view the work in person, if you require, or send you additional photographs if you are too far away.

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Film Screening


“We are not wholly bad or good, who live our lives under milk wood”

Ushered in by Verdi and a Welsh male voice choir, the new film of Under Milk Wood is an utterly beautiful vision of Dylan Thomas’ seminal offering of magical prose poetry. Starring Rhys Ifans and Charlotte Church, the film is elegantly directed by Kevin Allen. This lush, enthralling production beautifully compliments the lyricism of Thomas’ masterpiece with its bold, dreamlike imagery. Allen’s erotic, surreal cinematic interpretation explores some of the more visceral elements of the funny, magical dreamscape of Thomas’ Welsh seaside village Llareggub (read it backwards!).
Our gallery screening on 3rd December raised over £200 for Crisis at Christmas.
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Poetry and Short Stories


“To begin at the beginning…”

We held a Sunday afternoon of readings from Dylan Thomas with the actress and narrator Melissa Berry.  As part of the Dylan Thomas Centenary, Melissa performed at the Do Not Go Gentle Festival in Uplands and the Dylathon at the Swansea Grand Theatre. This was an inspiring and highly entertaining afternoon with mulled wine and mince pies in the wonderful setting of the gallery and surrounded by Peter Blake’s Under Milk Wood illustrations.
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