Bempton Cliffs (Gulls and Gannets) study 4 by Sara Dudman


This work is being sold as part of the Artists Support Pledge.  After any card/bank fees are paid, 100% of the money from this sale will go directly to the artist.  Once each artist has managed to make £1,000 in sales, they pledge to buy a work from another artist.  This offers a unique chance for you to inexpensively own a small work of art by one of the gallery’s contemporary artists.

For this offer, Sara has put together a collection of small studies which were created for her larger works, either made on site during field trips, or as studio-based experiments. They are all beautifully float-mounted and framed behind glass.

Please note that we may need to also ask you to cover the cost of delivery, depending on where you live.  If you would like to check the cost of this before you buy, please just email us first.


Additional information

Artist Name

Sara Dudman


Ink, gesso and pastel over tourist postcard



Original / Edition

Original work of art


25 x 20 cm (framed)


Contemporary painterly qualities and drawn marks are essential components in Sara’s work, conveying an intuitive understanding of her subject, capturing, analysing and representing their movements or properties. Fragility and transience are expressed through unpainted or sparsely formed negative spaces. Through the process of drawing and painting she progressively locates and extracts order from apparent chaos, drawing out patterns of movement and behaviour. Small-scale and intimate, or large and expressive, these gestural paintings are created in layers, alternately recording and expressing the essence of the subject and its environment or context.

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