This work is one of Alix Marie’s earlier photographs where she was starting to include her own body. Perhaps also a nod to Picasso and his owl, Marie peers through the eyes of the owl photograph, which she holds up in her hands. Her continuing work practise often refers to gender and identity in the contemporary context and here is an early work which may hint at the work to come. This very high quality C-type photograph is mounted onto Diabond, with a rear supporting frame. It is number 2 in an edition of only 3.

Additional information


C-Type Photograph



Original / Edition

Signed limited edition of 3


95 x 90 cm


Since graduating from Central Saint Martins and then the Royal College of Art in London, Marie has developed a practise that has taken photography beyond the flat picture frame. 

“Frustrated with the flatness of photographs but nonetheless enthralled with image making, she concentrates today on photo-based sculptures and installations that envelop the viewer, capturing something of the absorption of the cinema goer sitting in the glow of the silver screen. The physical aspect of Marie’s work is just as important as the visual, not only in the way she fills space but also in the treatment of her recurrent subject matter: bodies. ‘The practice of photography can be so clinical; it did not fit me as a messy sculptor. But that was kind of my obsession – to work out how to give the medium a body,’ she has explained. Marie’s sculpted photographs create an unsettling form that takes you inside the image, making you a little more aware of your own skin.” Charlotte Jansen, From: Photography Now: Fifty Pioneers Defining Photography for the Twenty-First Century, TATE and ILEX Publishing (2021)

Marie has had many international exhibitions, but exhibited with us back in 2016, when she was newly emerged and starting out on her successful career.


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