Coast, Rocks, Flock Study 2


Sara paints with very gestural mark making, and this painting is part of her new body of work which interprets the fascinating interactions and relationships between nature in the landscape, both in the air and on the ground.  Here, she has painted directly onto a found map of Somerset, using gesso, gouache, ink and watercolour.  It has been float-mounted and framed behind glass.


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gesso, gouache, ink and tape on found map of West Somerset, Watercolour



Original / Edition

Original work of art


36 x 38cm


Contemporary painterly qualities and drawn marks are essential components in Dudman’s work, conveying an intuitive understanding of her subject, capturing, analysing and representing their movements or properties. Fragility and transience are expressed through unpainted or sparsely formed negative spaces. Through the process of drawing and painting she progressively locates and extracts order from apparent chaos, drawing out patterns of movement and behaviour. Small-scale and intimate, or large and expressive, these gestural paintings are created in layers, alternately recording and expressing the essence of the subject and its environment or context.


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