Concrete Evidence (Trellick Tower, London. 1968 – 72)

This is a limited edition photograph, printed on Fotospeed Matt Ultra 240 and mounted on board.  Each numbered print in the edition is signed and numbered.  Two sizes are available: 130 x 86 cm (large) and 85 x 56 cm (medium).  The large size is an edition of only 5 plus 2 AP’s and the medium size is an edition of 7 plus 2 AP’s.

Concrete Evidence 7 (Trellick Tower, London. 1968 – 72), Architect: Ernő Goldfinger


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Fotospeed Matt Ultra 240 inkjet, mounted on board



Original / Edition

Limited edition


130 x 86 cm (large), 85 x 56 cm (medium)


Egle challenges the viewer to take a new perspective towards Brutalist architecture (1950’s – 1970’s). Concrete is the most evident material used in buildings of this movement, allowing the architect to achieve a rawness and honesty in the construction, with sharp and precise edges, and a majestic quality. Despite their distinctive style and important heritage, Brutalist buildings have been progressively demolished across Britain in recent years. Egle brings their significance and support for their preservation into our awareness. She says “With this project, I would like to highlight the importance of this style and look at the buildings as works of art in themselves, regardless of their context. The addition of a black sky, allows me to isolate the buildings and emphasise their graphic beauty”.

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