Garden series (i) by Barry Stedman



This work is being sold as part of the Artists Support Pledge. 100% of the money from this sale will go directly to the artist (after bank/card fees).  Once each artist has managed to make £1,000 in sales, they pledge to buy a work from another artist.  This offers a unique chance for you to inexpensively own a small work of art by one of the gallery’s contemporary artists.

Please note that we may need to also ask you to cover the cost of delivery, depending on where you live.  If you would like to check the cost of this before you buy, please just email us first.




Additional information


Ceramic with hand-painted glaze



Original / Edition



24 cm tall


Barry Stedman’s ceramics are influenced by drawings made within the English countryside, exploring relationships between colour, texture and form, and motivated by surrounding light, atmosphere and colours.

He chooses to work with strong, simple forms often in series, exploring a particular theme thrown up by a place, a drawing or a memory that has moved him in some way. The work always feels fresh, spontaneous and full of energy.

Working with red earthenware clay, most of the work is either slab built or wheel thrown and altered, and then painted, scratched and marked with coloured slips, stains and oxides.  Much more than vessels, Barry Stedman’s ceramics are three-dimensional paintings, except paintings that can be turned and viewed from many angles.


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