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This is a limited edition etching with drypoint, that Wayne Thiebaud worked on back in 1979 with Crown Point Press in San Francisco and then printed later in 1998 with Daria Sywulak who has been a Master Printer at Crown Point Press since 1987.

This is edition number 18 and is in excellent condition, framed with 99% UV glass.


Additional information


Hard Ground Etching With Drypoint

Original / Edition

Edition of 35 with 6 AP


49 x 40 cm




Wayne Thiebaud is known for his paintings of cakes and confectionary, particularly through the last half of the 20th century, when mass consumerism obsessed artists in America.  Thiebaud spent much of his life in San Francisco and was fascinated by the buildings and streets.  He worked with Crown Point Press to translate some of his drawings into etchings, not particularly because he wanted to reproduce his work, but more for the quality of line that an etching plate can achieve.

“There’s nothing really that I’ve ever found in other lines that is like an etched line–its fidelity, the richness of it, the density. You just don’t get that any other way.”  Wayne Thiebaud


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