Motion without Gesture I

This is the last signed, limited edition photograph available in Paul’s series of still life flower photographs. The photograph was shot in a single session, using long exposure and light. It has a rich, deep texture and can easily be confused with a drawn surface, rather than a photograph. The majority of the shot is completed in-camera, during the shoot, rather than in post-production. Paul’s work is only available as a signed, limited edition and this last edition is available for purchase in a beautiful mahogany conservation frame with museum glass, made by A.Bliss, London.


Additional information


60 x 60 cm


archival ink pigment on William Turner rag paper

Original / Edition

Edition of 10




Paul Knight ‘s hint of an otherworldly strangeness and charm draws the viewer back to linger longer over his photographic-based artworks. In his still life series his images beckon us to closely examine the exquisite minutiae, letting our minds wander to imagined untold stories and the sadness of fading beauty. Paul’s fine art practice utilises his lifetime of perfected photographic skills as his chosen visual language, preferring to achieve the majority of each shot ‘in camera’ rather than relying on post-production manipulation.  He creates and builds a sculptural work, which he then photographs using a long exposure and a light beam to magnify the minute detail in the still life image. The result is a work that makes us wonder whether this is a painting or a drawing, rather than a photographic image.

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