Outside In I


This is a sculptural painting, where the rawness of nature meets the interior.


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Oil and mixed media on paper



Original / Edition

original work of art


100 x 80cm


Growing up in Northern Sweden surrounded by forests, mountains and lakes, together with memories of the magic and mystery of Nordic folk stories, had a profound impact on Ann-Helen English. Now as an adult, she divides her time between London and a small island in the Baltic (one of the hundreds of islands in the Stockholm archipelago), revisiting many of these early influences. Emerged in this remote environment, where the rawness of nature is the dominant force, she distills images from countless observations to arrive at brief glimpses or moments of truth _ much like ٌseeing the world in a grain of sandî or indeed like a line of poetry that tells a whole story. This work is framed in a John Jones frame and glazed with low-reflective glass.


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