This work can be hung on the wall, folded, pleated or hung from the ceiling.


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Coloured cord and mixed buttons



Original / Edition

original work of art


150 x 250 cm


PS #16, 2015, Coloured cord and mixed buttons, size variable depending how this is hung, 59 1/10 × 98 2/5 in; 150 × 250 cm, Unique

Alan Franklin’s drawings and sculptures are a playful exploration of materials and processes, as well as of our perception. Proceeding from a simple strategy and at times the result of laborious repetition, he pursues his interest in chance and the unpredictable.

Even with apparent chaos there are rules, factors, and physics, which contribute to the muddled mayhem, but with a minimum of organization the structure of chaos is managed and an aesthetic appears. There is a quiet, meditative appreciation in the subtle variations and irregularities of repeated incidents, gestures and processes all of which he explores, through selections of colour and shape with random compositional strategies.

Alan has an MA (Fine Art) from Goldsmiths College (1983) and has since exhibited his work on an international arena from London to Japan. His residencies have taken him all over the world from Iceland, Poland, Morocco to the Grizedale Forest in Cumbria.

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