Souche (No 4)


This is a unique print, which means that it is one of twelve engravings, but each version has its own unique mark making in the colour wash painting, done by the hand of the artist.  This version is available unframed, or can be framed for you.


Additional information


dry point on hand painted chine collé



Original / Edition

1/1 (limited plate edition number 4 of 12)


70 x 50cm




François Pont’s engravings/paintings offer a sense of space and rhythm in the landscape _ valleys, mountains, lagoons, crossings, openings, passages and regeneration. Several years ago, whilst on a residency in Berlin, François discovered the urban wastelands. These uncultivated patches, in the heart of the city, are spaces of freedom for weeds that arise without conditioning. They are a beautiful metaphor for what will be born and what we do not yet know. François now lives and works in London where he takes care of small patches of English-style urban gardens. The spontaneity and lightness of transparent colour wash applied to delicate Chinese paper, combined with the repetitive and laborious methods of printing, give new and unique life to each engraving. The large format of each print opens up the space, interrupted by gestural accents and lines that rise, descend, dig and move away, capturing all the vibrations of the wastelands and the gardens of François Pont – his landmarks in this vast world.


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