Square Logic VII


Kostas often works with objects that are familiar to us, such as the Greek statue and it’s replica sold to tourists.  He then recreates and casts the familiar whilst changing the object’s norms in a way that disrupts what we understand about it, or what we consider might be probable.


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Original / Edition

original work of art


32 × 14.5 × 14.5 cm


Through subtle alterations of surroundings, Kostas’s man made objects are made to seem dysfunctional, and at times disconcerting. These materialised flights of imagination are complex fabrications that have the contrasting appearance of being casual, playful acts. By challenging the authenticity of our visual perception, Kostas’ works have a conspicuous presence, and the qualities of both a practical joke and a more serious reflection on our material awareness – indications perhaps of the strength of character required to endure today’s challenging environmental conditions for the next generation.


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