Tangle I

This is the first Tangle drawing that Lyndsey made, using coloured crayons on a melamine surface.  The melamine has been mounted on board and has a rear framework which allows the drawing to be mounted flat onto the wall.  The underside of the artwork has been painted light blue to create a soft reflection, and the drawing appears to float on the wall.


Additional information


Coloured pencil on melamine



Original / Edition

Original work of art


29 x 29 cm


Lyndsey Keeling pushes the idea of drawing to its broadest sense by experimenting with illusion of surface, and bringing together materials and tools to play surprising tricks on the eye. She experiments with line and shadow, using unusual materials such as wax crayon on melamine surfaces and everyday kitchen implements, including wooden spoons, to stretch metal mesh into mesmerising forms.  She is well known for her work with metal mesh – delicately sculpted torsos looming out of fine metal mesh, created by no more than shadow and tone. Her practice, however, is much wider, experimenting with new materials, surfaces and subject matter including paper pulp, to extend her dynamic and multi-disciplinary practice into the widest possibilities of three dimensional drawing and illusion.  Lyndsey studied Fine Art at Central St Martins.

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