Miss Able by Robinson & McMahon



This work is being sold as part of the Artists Support Pledge.  After any card/bank fees are paid, 100% of the money from this sale will go directly to the artist.  Once each artist has managed to make £1,000 in sales, they pledge to buy a work from another artist.  This offers a unique chance for you to inexpensively own a small work of art by one of the gallery’s contemporary artists.

This is an original oil painting on wood panel and framed in a narrow mahogany tray frame. A unique visual, unspoken, communication between two painters painting on the same canvas. The soft, muted and blended ground colours provide a dialogue with the more direct mark making.  This painting works alone, or in a set of two or three.

Please note that we may need to also ask you to cover the cost of delivery, depending on where you live.  If you would like to check the cost of this before you buy, please just email us first.



Additional information


Oil on wood panel



Original / Edition

Original work of art


24 x 24 cm


As a collaboration of two artists painting on the same canvas, with very different methods of using paint, Jason Robinson and Helen McMahon are guided by reaction and response, not imposing rules or process. A finished work exists as a result of all marks made by both artists, whether they are still seen, been obliterated or have just left a trace. The practice shows their distinctly different painting styles which have a dissonant harmony, a playful discussion, muted versus loud. There are times though when there is no harmony or discussion but rather a full blown argument and attack on each other ‘s marks. A number of these paintings have been left to calm down over a few years and as they have become more considered of each other ‘s actions, these battle scarred paintings have been salvaged. Sanding has bulldozed some of the blights but still left a trace, foundations that have been built upon and smoothed over, a kind of beauty from the rubble.


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