Untitled (Photoarchitectonic Studies) by Nikolai Ishchuk


Coming from the artist’s personal archive and rarely seen, these in-camera studies transform unassuming exterior architectural elements (windows, roofs, etc.) into swirling abstract compositions.

This work is being sold as part of the Artists Support Pledge.  100% of the money from this sale will go directly to the artist.  Once each artist has managed to make £1,000 in sales, they pledge to buy a work from another artist.  This offers a unique chance for you to inexpensively own a small work of art by one of the gallery’s contemporary artists.

For this particular series, the artist wishes to uphold the spirit of the initiative, and would like to ensure that this work continues to serve the artistic community beyond initial purchase. He has therefore stipulated as a condition of sale a three-year no-resale provision and a 20% Artist Resale Royalty provision on any resale profits thereafter for the duration of the copyright. In turn, he will spend 20% of any such Royalties received to keep buying work from other artists.

Please note that we may need to also ask you to cover the cost of delivery, depending on where you live (£15 in the UK or £20 international).  After you have placed your order, you will be sent a link to pay the appropriate delivery charge.  Notes: Save on postage when buying multiple prints. If buying an L+R pair, highlights on one print will run a little brighter than on the other due to the nature of the printing process.



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Silver gelatin fiber print



Original / Edition

Edition 3/3


20.3 x 25.4 cm


Untitled (Photoarchitectonic Study 5L), Untitled (Photoarchitectonic Study 5R), Untitled (Photoarchitectonic Study 10L), Untitled (Photoarchitectonic Study 10R), Untitled (Photoarchitectonic Study 11)


Nikolai Ishchuk does not consider himself to be a photographer in the traditional sense, but an artist who works with photographic media (usually camera-less), such as silver gelatin paper, cyanotype and light.  Nikolai also works with other materials such as cement and acrylic polymers to explore and extend the possibilities for photographic medium. In the last few years, Nikolai’s body of work has been shown in New York, London and Europe, and Nikolai was showcased by us at Photo London in both 2018 and 2019 as a contemporary, emerging artist, engaging with the overlapping worlds of photography, painting and sculpture.

Nikolai Ishchuk’s practice considers what counts as ‘photographic’ and how any attempt to distil this, puts photography in conversation with other media. In his hands, photography is often reformulated as a modular spatial language that speaks of objecthood, presence and proportion. It ultimately deals with questions of intermediality, art hierarchies and histories, and taps into photography’s ambivalent relationship with the modernist canon (to which it was instrumental but into which it was not properly absorbed).

The artist’s wall-based work over the last few years stands in an evolving dialogue with painting and drawing, through diverting the use of photographic materials away from producing a mechanical image and toward mark-making and gesture.


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