Weeping Willow (Commission)


These large wall hangings (80 x 80 cm / 31 x 31 inches) sensitively capture the spirit of the Weeping Willow tree, taking inspiration from its delicate foliage and distinctive character and drapery. Each artwork is hand crafted from hundreds of mirrored leaves that are meticulously threaded and suspended from a striking top branch. When installed light dapples the surface, create a suggestion of water, reflection and movement thus instilling a sense of calm and bringing a little more of the outside inside.

The wall hangings feature branches from the Weeping Willow tree that are sustainably sourced from Lee’s local and regional surroundings (including from her family home).

The wood is finished and protected with Osmo’s raw hard wax oil. Discreet fixtures are attached to the back of the branch for an easy installation.

Works can be shipped internationally and have most recently been shipped to the USA, Mexico, Panama and Formentera. Thanks to a WARMAIR treatment courtesy of IParc (formerly Thermolignum) the artworks can pass safely through customs in a number of countries including Australia.

Made to order – allow 8-12 weeks for fabrication.


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Recovered branches, copper wire and polished mirror steel

Original / Edition

Original work of art


80 x 80 cm


Lee Borthwick combines her love of wild landscapes with sensitively gathered materials. Her intuitive approach to fabrication facilitates a tactile, reflective, and poetic experience for the viewer. Assembling organic forms, tree pieces, and timber off-cuts into ordered relationships, often fused with mirror, is a recurring concept within Lee’s practice. Calling to mind the artwork of Andy Goldsworthy and Richard Long, Lee brings the outside in. She places importance on purity by habitually echoing the existing beauty in natural forms, an approach that emerged from time spent living in Finland: the land of lakes, forests and vast, solitary spaces combined with the peace and contemplation she found there is the strand that connects each piece of her work.


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