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This is one of David’s unique drawings, shown as one of three in Projects at the London Art Fair in 2017, alongside a giant sculptural installation.  It is framed and glazed.


Additional information


Ink, gouache and pencil on paper



Original / Edition

Original drawing


86 x 67 cm


David attempts to record within his work, amorphous and intangible ‘space’, drawing parallels between the internet systems that seek to take formal qualities of abstraction – line, shape and colour – and give them a shake, scattering and stretching connections and references which give the resulting works a sense of tension and movement.

Despite the profound subject matter, these works are also playful. The viewer is invited, in ‘reading’ the pictures, to inhabit the actions that are involved in their making – dripping, pouring, squishing, stretching, suggestive of a more organic nature. The geometric shapes that cascade across the paintings and drawings interrupt the network and connections, almost like pinball machines which refract the lines elsewhere to form new connections.

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