Rise of the Phoenix

Silvia Lerin

The Artist’s investigation into surface and forms, inspired by metal engineering parts, has recently led to a fascination with the oxidation process of metal, suggesting to her the poetic and metaphoric revival of the Phoenix. These ideas have resulted in a series of works progressing from ideas working with metal sculptural forms, painting layered surfaces on sculpted paper structures, and most recently using paint to replicate the multi-layered surfaces of oxidised copper and brass.

“The unique green epidermis that envelopes the metal suggests transformative and protective beauty”

Silvia Lerin moved to London in 2014 after developing an established career as an artist in Spain where she was represented by Gallery La Nave in Valencia and in Germany by Sophien Edition gallery in Berlin. Her created objects/assemblages stem from an interest in the relationships between shapes, volumes, colours and textures and their resulting presence. Inspiration may come from found objects and remnants of objects that carry stories, from fissures or folds in materials or from organic shapes and structures. She has exhibited her work in the Prairie Center of the Arts in Peoria, IL, USA, and received an award from the Pollock-Krasner Foundation, New York in 2014 that funded her to come to London. She has recently completed a residence at the ‘Casa de Velazquez’, in Madrid, working on her project Oxide (series) funded by Valencia City Council.