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Chris Sims

Sept 21st – 25th 2016
20 Clerkenwell Green, London, EC1

Curated by Joanna Bryant, this solo show presents new work by the contemporary English abstract painter, Chris Sims. Chris Sims has a growing collector’s market in the UK and his paintings are often considered to be reminiscent of the St Ives painter Peter Lanyon.



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Alan Franklin: See Saw

Sept 14th – 18th 2016
20 Clerkenwell Green, London, EC1

A solo show of recent drawings and sculpture by the artist Alan Franklin, in a new exhibition, SEE SAW. Curated by Joanna Bryant, this is a playful and inventive exploration of materials and processes, seeking the unfamiliar in the familiar.



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June 28th – July 10th 2016
20 Clerkenwell Green, London, EC1

The concept of the ’emerging artist’, explored beyond the initial act of emerging.

Katja Larsson, Jay Price, Josie Cockram, Nikolai Ishchuk, Cally Shadbolt, Joella Wheatley, Kostas Synodis, David Watkins, Alix Marie, Silvia Lerin

Endurance, passion and dedication are key character traits for the pursuit of an artistic career, and in the season of summer degree shows and emerging artists, we present a two-part group show of noteworthy artists who have ’emerged’, have continued a rigorous line of enquiry and are managing to establish their practices in and around London despite the challenging economic conditions.

Curated by Joanna Bryant



Visible Traces

April 12th – 17th 2016
20 Clerkenwell Green, London, EC1

Visible Traces offers an alternative showing of works by Ian Stephenson (1934-2000) in the context of a select group show, including paintings by Robinson & McMahon and glass sculpture by Jayne Wilton. “Countless happenings in time present as one simultaneous expression. Emptiness filled with matter. Solids filled with space.” The Independent, 2000

Curated by Joanna Bryant


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Repetition Variation

September 15th – 27th 2015
20 Clerkenwell Green, London, EC1

Claire Barber, Molly Blunt, Louise Bourgeois, Victoria Burge, Alan Franklin, Amy Gear, Alexander Massouras, Emma McNally, Robert Moon, David Nash, James O’Connell, Bridget Riley, Jill Sylvia, Jayne Wilton

Curated by Joanna Bryant in collaboration with Julian Page

“Rhythm and repetition are at the root of movement. They create a situation within which the most basic forms start to become visually active. By massing them and repeating them, they become more fully present. Repetition acts as a sort of amplifier for visual events which seen singly would hardly be visible. But to make these basic forms release the full visual energy within them, they have to breathe, as it were – to open and close, or to tighten up and then relax. A rhythm that’s alive has to do with changing pace and feeling how the visual speed can expand and contract – sometimes go slower and sometimes go faster. The whole thing must live.” Bridget Riley

Repetition/Variation presents fourteen contemporary artists whose work addresses ideas of repetition and variation, in both their creative process and the content of their work. In selecting the works, curators Julian Page and Joanna Bryant seek to offer a stimulating, eclectic and thoughtful approach to the show’s formal premise. Extending the theme to the thoughts raised by the outcome of the exhibition, the curators have decided to repeat, as well as vary some works over a two-week period, offering the viewer a chance to return and consider the nature of the varying dialogues.

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